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About QMP

This is my passion, my art, my smile. It helps me capture moments that can never be replaced...


Contact Information

Phone: 603-313-9446

Email: deena@quiltersmindphotography.com

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For as long as I can remember, I had a camera in my hand. The art of photography amazed me! Too be able to photograph anything I saw and keep that memory forever has been a forever intriguing adventure. As I grew to love the art of photography, I also grew to love quilting. My mom told me once my mind was like a patchwork quilt...somehow I could see everything as a piece of art, put it all together, and make something beautiful and lasting. So I took that concept and created Quilter's Mind Photography

Here is some important information you may need:

***All prints can be purchased through this website and are a separate charge from any below listed price***

Engagements:  $50 per hour unless you book your wedding with me. If the wedding is booked, your engagement shoot is free.

Weddings: $50 per hour is the standard fee which does not include additional expenses. All additional expenses (travel, lodging, etc...) will be a separate fee upon agreement of both parties.  

Special Events: starting at $50 per hour. 

Portraits: $50 per shoot up to the first 2 hours. This is to allow time for subjects like children and animals to get used to me and the camera. 

Additionally. I can create one-of-a-king invitations and greeting cards for clients using photos I've taken. This includes complete Bridal invitation packages. Package prices vary, please inquire privately.

Slideshows for events including weddings = $25 (all photos are client provided)

As a side note:

I don't believe a bride and groom should spend a large amount of money to have their special day remembered forever.

I don't believe a new mom or new parents should give up any memory to catalog forever a professional photographer is thought to be unaffordable.

I DO believe GOD has gifted me with a talent to make those moments last forever no matter what one can afford so please discuss with me privately your needs and I will do my best to accommodate them.

Enjoy the photos throughout this page and the passion I have for each moment.

God Bless!

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