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The Kenya Development Fund (KDF) was established to support Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf in Ringa, Kenya. The 80+ children living at the school range from ages 6 to 16. They are 100% deaf in a world that is not always accepting. Along with schooling, the children learn how to survive and thrive, living a life dedicated to Christ, so they may learn to teach others the same Love.

In 2012 I traveled with the KDF missions team as the photographer. The photographs I took during that adventure were sold and 100% of the proceeds were given to KDF for the children.

I went to Kenya with the thought "I would be a photographer..." I never realized I would find another place to call Home. The children are a part of my heart and I thank God every moment of every day for giving me the opportunity to know these precious young ones.

Moving forward, it is my goal to continue traveling with the Kenya Development Fund annually if possible. I fund my travel expenses with profits made through my life as a photographer. But, all photographs on this page are sold for the children. 100% of the proceeds are donated to KDF. I encourage you to look at these children and learn from what they can say through these photos.

A child does not need a voice in order to tell a story.

For more information on how you can further support the Kenya Development Fund, please visit:
The Kenya Development Fund Website

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to help make a difference for these children.

God Bless!

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